ADA Remediation

ADA Remediation:

  • Design/Build
  • Curb ramps
  • Truncated domes
  • Switch back ramps
  • Railing
  • Parking stall leveling
  • ADA striping and signage

ADA Compliance Contractor

ADA compliance for commercial buildings and businesses for Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 means equal access to public accommodations for people with disabilities. Being that this law came into existence roughly 30 years ago, many buildings are not ADA compliant and require accessibility remediation. There is no grandfathering of buildings built or altered after the law was passed, meaning even if the building is older than the law, it must be updated to meet ADA compliance in cases where it is “readily achievable to do so.”

What Happens if Your Building is Not ADA Compliant?

The consequences of not being ADA compliant are severe. Under California law, any violation of the ADA is a civil rights violation and subject to a minimum penalty of $4000 plus attorney’s fees. The average ADA fine is between $4000 and $6000, and if the problem is not corrected, fines could continue to result until the building is brought into accessibility compliance. Buildings should be brought into ADA accessibility compliance prior to receiving a fine or face added scrutiny, sometimes being required to go above and beyond regular compliance standards. ADA violations can also have a negative impact on the reputation of a business - a problem that is not always easily corrected.

At Eagle Paving, we believe being ADA compliant goes far beyond simply avoiding fines or protecting the reputation of your business - it also helps create an environment of equality.

Tax Credit for ADA Remediation Costs

A tax credit and deductions are available for businesses to help cover the costs of accessibility remediation and inspections. Section 44 of the IRS Code allows a tax credit for small businesses and Section 190 of the IRS Code allows a deduction for businesses of any size with a few limitations on revenue, number of employees and similar. Among other remediation, the tax credit can be used to offset the cost of barrier removal and alterations to a property to improve accessibility. Tax credits for ADA remediation questions should be directed to your tax advisor.

What are Typical ADA Remediation Changes?

Common changes that require an ADA compliance contractor for construction are for allowing wheelchair accessibility including curb ramps, switch back ramps and railings. Truncated domes are detectable warning surfaces placed at key points. Changes to parking lots are often needed to level parking stalls, concrete construction, or move handicapped spaces for easier access. Nearly all ADA remediation projects also include striping and signage as well.

ADA Design and Build Contractor

Eagle Paving is an ADA design and build contractor. We specialize in bringing businesses into compliance outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act.