Superior workmanship…

Transparent business practice…

Stringent safety standards…

Projects on schedule and within budget…

Professional, Knowledgeable, experienced…

These are just a few reasons why our clients keep coming back and continuously refer
us to new clients.


  • Irwindale Speedway
    Eagle Paving not only met every request of ours, but their quality work & completion time exceeded all expectations. Their efforts resulted in, not only a job well done, but one extremely grateful customer.
    Irwindale Speedway
  • Del & Linda S.
    Our family has lived here for 21 years and this is the best job ever.
    Del & Linda S.
  • Lomas Santa Fe Country Club
    Professional, responsive, and the quality of work has been great. The price is fair, they go the extra mile to provide detailed drawings and great communication, and we have been very impressed with them.
    Lomas Santa Fe Country Club
    Solana Beach
  • Centerra Group
    Eagle Paving has performed more than 20 projects for me... I represent a large construction company & I have yet to find better service and value in a paving company.
    Centerra Group
  • Kimco Realty
    I have been working with Eagle Paving for 5 years now. They are extremely professional, competitive in their pricing, and provide quality product.
    Kimco Realty
    LA Region
  • California Commercial Asphalt
    An amazing company and always a pleasure to work with. Their team is very knowledgeable, friendly, and consistently produce quality work.
    California Commercial Asphalt
    Asphalt Supplier
  • Fleur de Lis School
    From the beginning, we felt that customer service came first. They were quick to respond, worked around our schedule, and adjusted the estimate to meet our needs.
    Fleur de Lis School
    Mission Hills
  • James C.
    We had a great experience working with this team, and for maybe the first time in my life, I was excited to see a parking lot!
    James C.
    Los Angeles
  • Iglesia B.
    Eagle Paving re-did our old parking lot at our church, now it looks new! They were very professional and on-time! The crew looks like ants working so hard & not missing a beat.
    Iglesia B.
    San Ysidro
  • Michael C.
    Our Board chose Eagle Paving over two other paving contractors, and we made the right choice... All of the feedback from our homeowners was, "Use Eagle next time we are ready."
    Michael C.
  • Lisa T.
    Great customer service. The crew is outstanding! They are professional, friendly, and very good at what they do.
    Lisa T.
  • Margaret R.
    I am the head of our road maintenance and can't say enough good things about my experience with this company. They have been professional at every step.
    Margaret R.
  • Guillermo S.
    It was a pleasure working with all of their employees; they are all kind and hard-working people.
    Guillermo S.
  • Richard T.
    I have been in the paving business for 27 years... I must say that I have never seen such a good crew of workers - everyone knew their job and did it well. It's one of the best paving jobs that I have seen.
    Richard T.
  • John D.
    Their pricing was competitive, and their work was excellent, well organized and supervised. I have been in the construction industry for over 40 years... Great job Eagle!
    John D.
    El Cajon
  • Dirk R.
    The crew was amazing and they did a wonderful job on this project. Thanks to Eagle Paving, our client is happy.
    Dirk R.
  • David J.
    We are impressed with Eagle Paving's professionalism and dedication to provide a quality service.
    David J.
    Fairbanks Ranch HOA
  • Brandon H.
    The number of streets they get done in a day amazes me... They work so fast and yet they really do a fantastic, quality job.
    Brandon H.
    City of Escondido
  • Jake E.
    This is an amazing company. They truly have the community's best interest in mind, and have supported San Diego with real tangible support.
    Jake E.
    El Cajon
  • Lyle K.
    Eagle Paving has been very flexible and has adapted to changes in the work schedule brought on by weather or changes in the client's needs. Eagle Paving is very capable & willing to follow detailed project specifications.
    Lyle K.
    Associated Engineering Consultants
  • David S.
    I would recommend them any time. They were very customer-service oriented, which is hard to find these days!
    David S.
    San Diego
  • Michelle R.
    I highly recommend Eagle Paving for concrete & asphalt jobs of any size. They are very professional, organized (they do not drop the ball), and go the extra distance to ensure that each job goes smoothly.
    Michelle R.
    San Diego
  • Tammy R.
    Eagle Paving re-did our old driveway & entrance to our new winery... One of the best contractors I've ever worked with. Highly recommend them!
    Tammy R.
    San Diego
  • Dave S.
    What a great team to watch work... I would recommend them for any job. I manage a good group of guys, but after seeing the teamwork they displayed I think we can improve.
    Dave S.
  • John M.
    I had Eagle Paving come out to my community to re-seal all of our streets & re-paint all of our red curbing. They did an outstanding job; I will use them again.
    John M.
  • Shannon P.
    I have told anyone that will listen about these guys and shared pics of my neighbor's and my driveway. These guys are awesome!!!!
    Shannon P.
    San Diego
  • Chris Q.
    After buying a house that had a recent poor asphalt job, Eagle Paving came to the rescue. They were efficient, polite and provided an excellent overlay job at a great price compared to the other bids I received.
    Chris Q.
    San Diego
  • David C.
    I want to thank Eagle Paving for the amazing job they did on my 10,000 SF parking lot. Done in 1 day and the finished product was beautiful! And the best price I could find!
    David C.
  • Nick M.
    Very reliable company and their work is outstanding... Eagle paving went above and beyond with this job and I definitely recommend them to any of my property manager colleagues.
    Nick M.
    San Diego
  • Alex S.
    These guys are excellent... The crew and manager are very nice, clean and professional. They did a great job, fast, and most importantly at a fair price.
    Alex S.
  • Jay S.
    They have always provided first class service and have never led us down a path that isn't the best, efficient, and most cost-effective for us.
    Jay S.
  • Ben S.
    I am posting this now because one year later the job still looks wonderful and we are completely satisfied.
    Ben S.
    El Cajon
  • Jeffrey P.
    Eagle Paving repaved our apartment building's parking lot all in one day. Everything went smoothly and it all turned out great; they even patched a bit of the alley that the city wouldn't.
    Jeffrey P.
    San Diego
  • Natalie U.
    This company is amazing. Not only are they highly professional, they also give back to the community! Friendly costumer service and a pleasure to do business with.
    Natalie U.
    San Diego
  • Steve K.
    The crew was very professional & courteous. The street came out better than we expected and we're all very happy with the job Eagle Paving did. We got a tremendous deal and I would highly recommend them.
    Steve K.
  • Rachelle C.
    Very neat, clean, organized, great customer service, and very respectful. Best prices in town! I highly recommend Eagle Paving & will definitely use them in the future.
    Rachelle C.