Wet & Dry Utilities Construction


Wet & dry utilities construction is an integral part of the concrete and pavement industry. Much of the world’s wet and dry lines run along the side of roadways or underneath; there are many reasons why they follow paved roadways, one of which being that paved roadways are unlikely to be covered over by buildings in the future that would make underground wet and dry utilities inaccessible under concrete foundations and other obstructions. In some cases, the process of pavement construction exposes the location of existing wet and dry drainage and utility lines, other times subsurface utility engineering is required to locate and identify existing lines that are obscured underground. It is important that your underground utility contractor in San Diego, CA has the knowledge and experience to accurately locate the existing lines as damage could cause financial loss, project delays and safety concerns.

Wet-Dry Utilities Services

  • Sewer Pipeline from 4" to 102"
  • Water Pipeline 1" to 102"
  • Storm Drain Pipeline 4" to 144"
  • Storm Drain Structures
  • Electric
  • Cable
  • Site lighting and
    Street light systems

Underground Utility Contractors in San Diego, CA

Wet utilities usually run underneath the road, while dry utilities tend to run alongside. Repair, replacement, or installation of new wet & dry utilities construction necessarily requires pavement work, usually involving concrete. For example, water and drainage is a consideration in all pavement wet utility construction projects and features such as a catch basin, storm drain for stormwater runoff, and occasionally sump pump use is required. But not all wet utility construction involves storm drain and water runoff - other wet construction involves sewer pipes and other forms of moving water from one location to another through concrete or a pipe. Although words like catch basin, sump pump and a stormwater runoff pipe seem out of place in an arid environment like Southern California, the reality is that even a small amount of water without proper drainage can result in issues ranging from property damage, to even mosquito problems.

Dry utility construction usually runs along the roadway instead of underneath and requires a drainage and utility construction contractor with knowledge and experience in both pavement and concrete. Subsurface utility engineering is especially important for dry utilities as these pipes and conduits are not only much smaller than wet runs, but are frequently in a joint trench, where several dry utility runs occupy the same space. Because underground dry utilities are not necessarily encased in concrete, it can be easy to accidentally break a line with the misplacement of a tractor blade or trenching machine. Although many dry utility construction projects are for the installation of TV, telephone or other communications and do not necessarily represent a danger to human safety, some carry electrical lines and must be handled with extreme caution. Excavating or trenching for dry utilities should only be handled by an experienced dry utility construction contractor with a strong safety record - and preferably one who has worked an underground utility contractor in San Diego, CA.

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Wet and dry drainage and utility construction from a catch basin, to storm drain, to data and electrical, all elements must work together in perfect symphony to meet the requirements of the project. Wet and dry drainage and utility construction contractors must utilize techniques ranging from concrete and asphalt paving to excavation and trench digging to get the job done. Eagle Paving gets the job done, and done right. Call us today for your underground utilities quote!